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  • riaditeľ a (politický) ekonóm Konzervatívneho inštitútu M. R. Štefánika a
  • externý lektor ekonómie na Univerzite Komenského v Bratislave.

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Conservative Economic Quarterly Lecture Series /CEQLS/

Akadémia Klasickej Ekonómie

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Peter Gonda LIBERTY - PROPERTY - RESPONSIBILITY ... about economics, economic liberalism and traditional values


About me

(dňa 9.6.2008 v sekcii English)
Peter GONDA, Ph.D. - the director of the Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik and the Slovak Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre. He deals with principles of economics, public finance, monetary and banking system, and other economic and social topics from the free society point of view by lecturing, writing articles, elaborating studies, publications, and coordinating of conferences and seminars.
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In Defense of the Free Market

(dňa 7.2.2008 v sekcii English)
Conservative Institute in co-operation with Liberalni institut, Prague, published a book of lectures of renowned free market oriented thinkers delivered in Bratislava and Prague.

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Classical Liberal View on European Economic Integration

(dňa 8.6.2007 v sekcii English)
"I am convinced that the desirable alternative which might reverse the negative trend and bring the people more freedom and prosperity, is a return to the values which constituted the source of wealth in the past", The European Journal, May-June 2007.
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Draft of Welfare Reform in Slovakia

(dňa 9.8.2006 v sekcii English)
Our new publication focused on the solution of the long-term distortions enduring in the social system in Slovakia.
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Financing of Long Term Care in Slovakia: Comparison with other OECD Countries

(dňa 3.8.2006 v sekcii English)
(Presentation at the IAHSA Conference in Trondheim, 27.-29. June, 2005)
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Sustainable Health Sector Financing - the Case of Slovakia

(dňa 2.8.2006 v sekcii English)
The lecture presented at the conference Advancing Economic Growth: Investing in Health held by the Chatham House - Royal Institute for International Affairs in London on June 22, 2005.
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Risk of European Social Model for Slovakia

(dňa 15.7.2006 v sekcii English)
Main problematic charasterictics of welfare states in EU are too high level of government, public redistribution with equalisation aims, excessive weight of compulsory, generous and costly social programs and guaranteeing too high social rights.
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Evaluation of Work Oriented Welfare Reform in Slovakia

(dňa 9.7.2006 v sekcii English)
(Budapest, October 14.-15., 2004)
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European Constitution Against (Economical) Raise of Europe

(dňa 7.7.2006 v sekcii English)
Acceptance of the European Constitution will ‚cement‘ causes of economic lagging behind of the EU countries, and make it a legal force of the highest priority, and binding on all citizens of the EU member states.
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Slovakia and the United States: So Distant, So Different and So Close

(dňa 5.7.2006 v sekcii English)
The experience with real socialism is the advantage of Slovakia and other countries of new EU members. So, their common interest shared with the U.S. becomes stronger and stronger: to convince the old EU members about the need of as much as possible non-socialist and market-oriented environment in Europe and the need of good trans-Atlantic co-operation.
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Public Finance (2003)

(dňa 3.7.2006 v sekcii English)
(the chapter of the book "Slovakia 2003. Global Report on the State of Society")
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Social Policy (2003)

(dňa 2.7.2006 v sekcii English)
(chapter of the publication "Slovakia 2003. Global Report on the State of Society")
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Slovak Economy in the Process of Transformation

(dňa 1.7.2006 v sekcii English)
Distortion of the 40 year long centralistic system is deeply embedded in the behaviour of many people, even those who carry out business. They have probably become much more common and accepted than was expected at the beginning of transformation and possibly even more than we are willing to admit.
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