Peter Gonda

Peter Gonda je:

  • riaditeľ a (politický) ekonóm Konzervatívneho inštitútu M. R. Štefánika a
  • externý lektor ekonómie na Univerzite Komenského v Bratislave.

Oblasti, ktorým sa venuje:

Conservative Economic Quarterly Lecture Series /CEQLS/

Akadémia Klasickej Ekonómie

Na obranu slobodného trhu
Peter Gonda LIBERTY - PROPERTY - RESPONSIBILITY ... about economics, economic liberalism and traditional values

About me

(dňa 9.6.2008 v sekcii English)

Peter GONDA, Ph.D. - the director and economist of the Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik, external lecturer of economics at the Comenius University and the Slovak Senior Fellow of the Cobden Centre. He deals with principles of economics, public finance, monetary and banking system and other economic and social topics from the free society point of view by lecturing, writing articles, elaborating studies, publications and coordination of conferences and seminars.

At present, he also coordinates the Project "Tearing down the Myths about Socialism and the Welfare State", coordinates and lectures at seminars within the "Academy of Classical Economics" and coordinates the economic lectures of qualified free market thinkers in Slovakia within the Conservative Economic Quarterly Lecture Series (2009 Templeton Freedom Award winning project in the Ethics and Values category).

Peter Gonda is author of the book Eurozone and Alternatives of European Economic Integration (2013; in Slovak), the study The Economic Consequences of Slovakia´s Eurozone Membership (2014; in Slovak) and co-authors and co-editors other publications. He was for instance coordinator and professional guarantee of the publications Economic Consequences of Slovakia´s Accession to EU (2002, in Slovak), Draft of Welfare Reform in Slovakia (2005, in Slovak and in English), Program declaration of a reformed government: Guide for responsible politicians on the road to freer society and thinner government (2010; in Slovak), Reform Redirection of EU and European Integration(2018) and the coeditor of the book Slovakia on its Way to Unknown (2003; in Slovak) and In Defense of the Free Market (2007; in Slovak, Czech and English).

Between 2001 and 2004, he wrote the chapter "Public Finance" and between 2003 and 2004 the chapter "Social Policy", which were included in the publication of Institute for Public Affairs Slovakia. Global Report on the State of Society (2001 - 2004) and in 2008, he wrote chapter "Economic and ethical foundations of free society" in the textbook Ethics in management (2008).

Peter Gonda is married and he has two children.

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