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Peter Gonda LIBERTY - PROPERTY - RESPONSIBILITY ... about economics, economic liberalism and traditional values

European Constitution Against (Economical) Raise of Europe

(dňa 7.7.2006 v sekcii English)

Specific provisions of the European constitution draft would contribute to deepen of today´s economic problems, and a further fall of the EU countries behind more dynamic regions in the world, where more emphasis is put on personal freedom.

If Europe wants to preserve its chance to experience a real economic raise (resurrection), it should come back to the roots of its wealth from the past - unlimited competition allowing variety and personal freedom to go hand in hand with personal responsibility. Therefore it is well justified to advocate none acceptance of any type of European Constitution especially when it is “spiced up” with both market regulations and social rights.

The contribution European Constitution Against (Economical) Raise of Europe was presented at a conference organised by the Conservative Institute of M. R. Štefánik and the Center for Politics and Economics from Prague "Why the European Constitution Should Be Rejected" which took place in Bratislava, on 11 October 2004.

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